At Broad Chalke Primary School we have a team of governors that work as volunteers to support the school.  Their role is to ensure that the school provides the best possible education for all pupils by establishing the school’s vision and strategy, challenging and supporting the headteacher and ensuring accountability to ensure that our school is the very best it could be.

.Governors have a wide range of responsibilities.  These include tasks such as:

  • Ensuring that the school meets its legal responsibilities
  • Setting the school budget
  • Making decisions about the school building and premises
  • Setting school policies
  • Appointing staff and making decisions about current staffing
  • Looking at how well groups of pupils are performing and ensuring action is taken if there are any concerns

We have three Full Governing Body meetings each year.  A range of subcommittee meetings also take place at least once per term. During these meetings we look at a wide range of information to find out how well the school is performing. Mrs Brockway provides a detailed Headteacher’s report at these meetings but we also look at data and independent reports so that we can make our own decisions about how well things are going.

To support the work that goes on, governors also try to visit school as often as possible. We particularly enjoy talking to the children about their school and what they think about it. They are always keen to share their ideas.

We are proud to have a committed Governing Body that is made up of a team individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

"We are fortunate to have a committed Governing Body with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. The Governors believe in rolling their sleeves up to work with staff, parents and children to ensure continued academic and personal growth for all in the school. Ideas and initiatives from everybody involved in the school community are always warmly welcomed."

Mr Michael Gibb (Chair)


Each governors’ committee has delegated powers of decision making on policy matters relating to the specific areas of school organisation.   Each committee is accountable to the full governing body.

Each committee may from time to time co-opt persons with particular expertise

Composition of Sub-Committees
Curriculum & Personnel PR & Marketing Pay Panel
Duncan Allen (Chair) Luci Phillips (Chair) Louise Hall
Amanda Brockway Amanda Brockway Peter Hornsby
Annie Cadge Andi Chalk
Michael Gibb  
Louise Hall E-Safety  
Luci Phillips (SEND) Amanda Brockway HT Performance Management
Richard Western Michael Gibb Michael Gibb
Richard Western
Finance & Premises Amanda Brockway Review Officer
Michael Gibb (Chair) (H&S) Louise Hall Peter Hornsby
Duncan Allen  
Amanda Brockway Pupil Discipline Panel
Andi Chalk   Staffing Dismissal Panel
Louise Hall Admissions Staffing Dismissal Appeals Panel
Keith Hitchings Amanda Brockway (Chair) Parental Complaints Panel
Peter Hornsby Andi Chalk 3 Governors as and when necessary
Tim King Michael Gibb  
Richard Western   


Name Category of Governor Appointed by Date Appointed Term of Office

Attendance record   2015-16

Pecuniary & Personal Interests
Amanda Brockway Head Teacher ex officio 01.01.13  n/a FGB 5/5    F&P 3/3 C&P 3/3 Husband owns Natural Landscaping - potential school supplier
Rev. Catherine Blundell Foundation ex officio Diocesan Board of Education 26.02.16 n/a FGB 2/3 Trustee of Church PCC, Parish Poor Funds
Annie Cadge Staff Governor Staff election 30.06.13  4 years FGB 4/5   C&P 2/3 No relevant interests
Michael Gibb Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 02.01.14 4 years FGB 5/5   F&P 3/3 C&P 1/3 Spouse is employed at the school
Louise Hall Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 26.06.13 4 years FGB 4/5   F&P 3/3 C&P 3/3 No relevant interests
Keith Hitchings Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 01.09.14 4 years FGB 5/5  F&P 3/3  Wife is a TA at the school
Peter Hornsby Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 01.09.14 4 years FGB 2/5   F&P 2/3  No relevant interests
Dr Tim King Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 29.02.16 4 years FGB 2/3 No relevant interests
Lucinda Phillips LA Governing Body 02.10.14 4 years FGB 2/5    C&P 2/3 No relevant interests
Duncan Allen Parent Parent election 18.06.14 4 years FGB 3/5    F&P 0/3 C&P 3/3 No relevant interests
Richard Western Parent Parent election 16.10.13 4 years FGB 1/5    F&P 2/3 C&P 0/3 No relevant interests
Andrea Chalk Co-opted Governing Body 02.10.14 4 years FGB 5/5    F&P 3/3  No relevant interests
Amanda Brockway (Staff Governor)

Committee membership: All committees

I have been the Headteacher at Broad Chalke Primary School since January 2013. I have been teaching since September 1987 and have taught across the whole Primary phase from Reception to Year 6. I became a Headteacher in 2004 and my first Headship was at Chilmark and Fonthill Bishop Primary School. I have also acted as a Headteacher Advisor working for the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education. I am passionate about Primary School education and maintaining a balance between high standards and fun! I sit on all the committees of the governing body. Outside of school I enjoy family life and living in this beautiful part of the world! I am the mother of two grown up daughters, both of whom benefited tremendously from attending school at Broad Chalke and I also have a young grandson.

Rev. Catherine Blundell (Foundation Governor)

Named Governor for: Safeguarding & Child Protection

I have been the Team Rector of the Chalke Valley Churches since 2015.  I have been ordained 17 years and have served in churches in Maidenhead, Bracknell and Winkfield and Cranbourne in East Berkshire.
I am married to David and have two children; Jess who is married to Ed and lives in London, and John who still lives at home.
Some of my richest and most exciting ministry has happened when engaging with school children.  I enjoy leading Collective Worship and delight when the children ask about matters of faith.  My desire is that every child is given the opportunity, through teaching and reflection, to make up their own decision about what it is to be Christian.
My downtime is spent walking and enjoying the south coast.  I love wildlife, especially the garden birds, and the beautiful countryside.
If you ever see me cycling I am probably not enjoying myself as I am convinced I was made for the sofa and not the gym!

Annie Cadge (Staff Governor)

Committee membership: Curriculum & Personnel

I am a staff Governor and have been teaching at Broad Chalke School since 2000.  My three sons were fortunate enough to go through the school and have happy memories of their time here.  I am very involved in the sporting activities and sit on the staffing and curriculum committee.

Michael Gibb (Foundation Governor and Chair of Governors)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, Curriculum & Personnel, E-Safety, Admissions

Named Governor for: Health & Safety, Whistleblowing.

I live in Bowerchalke and run my own business as a developer/builder of family homes in the Salisbury area. I have two daughters, both of which started in Reception Class and went all the way through the school; the youngest finishing Year 6 in 2014. I enjoy being in school on a regular basis to catch up with Mrs Brockway, as well as attending finance and curriculum meetings and chairing the full governing body meetings.   To get away from it all (!) I spend as much time as I can running and cycling around the Chalke Valley.

My governor subject link is numeracy and I have a class link with class 5.

Louise Hall (Foundation Governor)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, Curriculum & Personnel, Ethos, Pay Panel

I live in Berwick St John, with my partner Richard, and my two girls Charlotte and Jemima, both of whom attended and thrived at Broad Chalke School.

I was secretary of FOBS for five years, and Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the new build project. I continue to be passionate about the school, and the role it plays in the local community. To have been Chair of FOBS again more recently, was challenging and rewarding. I feel privileged to remain as a Governor, at this very special school, and be part of such a dedicated and committed team.

My governor subject link is art and I have a class link with class 2.


Keith Hitchings (Foundation Governor)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises

I joined the Governing Body 18 years ago when my eldest of three children started at Broad Chalke.  I am a foundation and PHSE Governor, I sit on the Finance and Premises Committee helping with building maintenance issues.  In the past I was involved with the New Build Project and FOBS.

My governor subject link is PHSE and I have a class link with class 1.

Peter Hornsby (Foundation Governor)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, Pay Panel

I am married to Bridget and have 4 children who have all attended Broad Chalke School in the past, some in the old building and one of them in the new building. I was heavily involved in the new build project from its conception to realisation. I am on the electoral roll of Bowerchalke Church but attend a number of the churches in the benefice and has been a governor of the school for over 15 years.

My governor subject link is assessment.

Dr Tim King (Foundation Governor)

I was honoured to be invited to join the Governing Body as a Foundation Governor in February 2016.  My eldest son started Reception in September and hopefully his brother will join him at the school in a couple of years.  Along with my wife, we all live in Bishopstone and have been in the Chalke Valley for a total of 8 years.  I work as a GP in Mere and continue some surgical work in Salisbury.  I enjoy most sports although participation levels are difficult to maintain!  

Luci Phillips (LA Governor)

Committee membership: Curriculum & Personnel, PR & Marketing (Chair)

Named Governor for: SEND

I have been the Local Authority governor at Broad Chalke School since 2012. I sit on the curriculum and staffing committee and act as the governor to overview medical conditions. I have two children in years 5 and R in the school and enjoy cycling and cookery.

My governor subject link is French and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). I have a class link with class Reception.

Duncan Allen (Parent Governor)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, Curriculum & Personnel (Chair)

Named Governor for: Pupil Premium

I am a parent governor and have two children at Broad Chalke School. I am the link governor for year 4, Science, History and Geography. I am also on the Staff and Curriculum and Finance and Premises committees

My governor subject link is humanities, science and pupil premium. I have a class link with class 4.

Richard Western (Parent Governor and Vice Chair of Governors)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, Curriculum & Personnel, E-Safety

I was privileged to join the Governing Body in October 2013 as a Parent Governor and was recently voted vice chair. I have two children at the school and they absolutely love it! I am a member of both the Curriculum and Staffing committee as well as the Finance and Premises Committee. My governor link subjects are IT/e-safety & PE. Outside of school, I enjoy most sports & spending quality time with the family.

My governor subject link is IT/e-safety and PE.  I have a class link with class 3.

Andi Chalk (Co-Opted Governor)

Committee membership: Finance & Premises, PR & Marketing, Admissions

I am the School Business Manager and have worked at Broad Chalke School since 2003 and been a Governor since 2009.  I live in Broad Chalke and both my children were fortunate enough to attend Broad Chalke School.  I sit on the Finance and Premises, PR & Marketing and Admissions committee.

Fiona Marshall (Clerk to Governors)

I have been Clerk to the Governors at Broad Chalke School since 2011. I work with the chair, headteacher and other governors to prepare agendas for full governing body meetings, after which I write the formal minutes. I also keep track of governor elections and appointments, organise training, update governors with current information and perform various other tasks to support the governing body. 



Richard Wardlaw OBE MSc BEng(Hons) MInstRE (Foundation Governor)                                Term of office: 01.07.2013 to 24.09.2015    Appointed by: Diocesan Board of Education           Resigned due to work commitments

Rev. Rick Williams (Foundation ex officio)
Term of office: 25.10.2013 to 26.02.2016   Appointed by: Diocesan Board of Education
David Singleton (Foundation Governor)                                                                                      Term of office: 28.07.2014 to 01.02.2017    Appointed by: Diocesan Board of Education                 Resigned due to relocation

Caroline Lamb (Foundation Governor)                                                                                        Term of office: 28.07.2014 to 24.07.2017   Appointed by: Diocesan Board of Education           Resigned due to personal commitments