Set in extensive grounds on the edge of Broad Chalke village, this church-aided community school offers its children an opportunity to thrive and develop in a happy, caring environment. Built in 2007 and extremely well resourced with a staff of dedicated, motivated and experienced teachers and teaching assistants, the school provides a wide-ranging and stimulating programme to fully engage every child. A strong academic curriculum is enhanced with sport, music and the arts to bring out and develop potential and provide a fully-rounded educational experience.

At Broad Chalke Primary School we constantly strive to enable our children to enjoy school, achieve their best and develop their own personal strengths within this idyllic and inspirational setting.


 Our Vision

'With the love of God we learn, care, grow and share'

'To serve on another in love' (Galations 5:13)


Our Ethos

To provide a secure, happy and nurturing environment in which children develop their self-confidence and are challenged to fulfil their potential underpinned by an understanding of the Christian faith and their own personal values as well as a respect for other faiths and cultures. Our aim is that every child who leaves this school will have had a high quality education and gained the skills to become a life-long learner; they will have developed values, based on Christian ethics, which will inspire them to play a valuable part in their personal, family and community life





To enjoy school life, making the most of all opportunities and having fun!

To value every child for their own unique gifts.

To provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which inspires all children to achieve their full academic potential.

To develop lively and enquiring minds so that children embrace new challenges and opportunities with confidence.

To equip children with the inter-personal and technological skills they will need to be successful in later life.

To help children to understand the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle:  eating healthily, being active and developing emotional well-being.

To enable children to understand the world in which they live and the positive impact they can have on the local community, the environment and society in general.

To provide opportunities for everyone to actively contribute and become involved in the school’s future direction and development. 







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